Amiibo Rarity Chart Update Week 40

Amiibo Rarity Chart Update Week 40

All mutations to the amiibo Rarity Chart for week 40 have been compiled into the table below. This time we see the addition of the Animal Crossing Cards – Series 1, plus the Nintendo retro 3-pack figurines: Duck Hunt, R.O.B. and  Mr. Game & Watch.

The amiibo Rarity Chart would not be possible without the hard work of Shadowtek. Shadowtek created and maintains the Obtainability Chart over on reddit. The updates below are merely a reflection of his efforts.

amiiboRarity USRarity EU
Duck Huntuncommon 
Mr. Game & Watchuncommon 
Animal Crossing Cards - Series 1uncommon 
Green Yarn Yoshi semi-rare
Light Blue Yarn Yoshi unicorn
Pink Yarn Yoshi unicorn
Little Macrare 
Captain Falconrare 
Mega Mansemi-rare 
Bowser Jr. common